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Local Voter Guide

Search for information regarding your local representatives

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Clara Oswald

"When I was just starting out in politics, I used the Local Voter app to learn about the candidates around my area so that I'd have more influencial power when networking and trying to break into politics."

David Tennant

"My life is so much easier when it comes to politics because of Local Voter, it saves me hours of Googling! Definitely reccommend to all my friends and anyone reading this page."

Peter Capaldi

"Local Voter helped me and my friends to learn everything about candidaates on our local election. We didn't know that much about politics but this app opened my eyes on the local candidates and their policies."

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About Local Voter

Local Voter allows user to search information like local candidates bio, their votes on recent issues and some general information about them. They can be searched either by a zip-code or through entering a town/county name. It also compares two opposing candidates and their stances for anyone to see.

About the Team

With a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work Local Voter was build to help more people get involved with politics. We strive for your successful and enjoyable use of the app, so if at any moment you have any concerns regarding out app - please send us an email below as soon as possible! Each of us had to overcome personal obstacles in order to contrubute, which is why this app is the best one out there compared to its competitors.

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